Fohmo 2 | June 16, 2021, @ 5 PM EST

With some pride, we are presenting you FOHMO 2!

Following the enormous success of our last FOHMO Fest, we will commence this 5 day series of Olympus DAO events with a community office hours, presenting topics as Roadmap, Community Feedback, Odyssea and more!

Day 2, we will have a DJ Set hosted by the resident #off-topic DJ’s to get you all warmed up for the Main Event the next day.

Day 3, we will welcome from Frax Finance and from Inverse Finance to talk about their vision on a partnership with OlympusDAO. We will also present some of the DAO initiatives that have been ongoing over the past weeks.

Day 4, we will have a poker tournament with other communities and we will put something in there to make it extra competitive!

Day 5, And last but not least we will close off with an Olympus Round Table which will cover several interesting topics related to our beloved protocol!

The Schedule

  • Wednesday June 16thCommunity Office Hour at 5 pm EST, 9 pm UTC
  • Thursday June 17thPre Party — Dj Set and Off-topic extravaganza at 8 pm EST
  • Friday June 18th Main Event at 6 pm EST, 10 pm UTC (live-streamed on Twitch)
  • Saturday June 19th Poker Tournament at 1 pm EST, 5 pm UTC
  • Sunday June 20th Olympus Round Table at 5 pm EST, 9 pm UTC

All events with presentations will be recorded and uploaded so everyone can enjoy them afterwards as well but we hope that we have a massive turnout throughout these 5 days! For this, we count on all of you to retweet the tweets we will put out, invite all the OHMless people into this discord and our community and put a (3,3) in your twitter handle. We’ve seen from the feedback form that this really drives people to this protocol! Over the next few days, we will be releasing more details and content regarding the schedule above!



$OHM is the decentralized reserve currency of DeFi.

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