Fohmo — An OlympusDAO Ceremony | April 23, 2021, @ 6PM EST

All the Ohmies are invited to the first-ever Fohmo virtual hangout to celebrate the one-month anniversary of OlympusDAO. The event will take place on our Discord on April 23, 2021, @ 6 PM EST / 10 PM UTC.

We will re-introduce OlympusDAO to the new Ohmies, highlight our awesome community, and review our growth over the past month. We will also speak about Bondai (DAI Bonds) at a high level and why we stepped away from the sales contract. In addition, we will introduce Hades, an attempt at on-chain privacy and talk about the future of OlympusDAO. Ohmies will also hear from a range of DeFi experts, investors, and community members about OlympusDAO. Speakers include:

Jai Bhavnani — Founder at Rari Capital
Fiskantes — Investor at Zee Prime Capital
Mick Hagen — Founder at Genesis Block, Hifi Finance
Qiao Wang — Founder and Partner at DeFi Alliance

This ceremony is a thank you to our community, who have contributed to the growth of our protocol in the past month. We are excited to see all of you at Fohmo!

Catch us live on our Discord @ 6 PM EST / 10 PM UTC.