Introducing Ohmie Cards–Limited to 1000.

1 min readJul 17, 2021


A personalized Ohmie Card just for the Ohmies, by the Ohmies, available on Monday 19th @ 10AM EST.

Let’s get right to it

The Ohmies have personalized roughly 390 Ohmie Cards and have space for 610 more to create an NFT painting of a total of 1000 Ohmie Cards. The Painting will be auctioned to one lucky individual on OpenSea and another will be sent to the OlympusDAO Treasury.

Join our Discord:

  1. Go to the #ohmie-card-requests and provide the following:
  2. Name: please keep this simple, no custom characters.
  3. Image: provide a clear image that we can create a transparent background with (look at the example below).
  4. We would appreciate it if you shared your Ohmie Card on Twitter by tagging it with @OlympusDAO $OHM #OHMISBACKED

Please make sure not to post twice as it will spam the channel and you could get disqualified.





$OHM is the decentralized reserve currency of DeFi.