Introducing Olympus Give — Redirecting Yield for Good

Recent forum discussions have allowed our team to reflect and strategize the best way to highlight the power of our community and strength of (3, 3). Having such an engaged organization is at the heart of any successful DAO, and it’s our job to deliver solutions that reflect those views — continuously making Olympus stronger, more capable, and ever more appealing to new members.

It’s become clear that the best path forward is to support an individual, opt-in approach for doing good. We’re excited to tell you about Olympus Give and the impact it can have not just by helping the world, but also by insulating the DAO from potential criticism and drawing in significantly more retail interests.

The Decline of Charity

Contrary to this situation, DeFi protocols such as Olympus have seen immense periods of growth in relatively short amounts of time, bringing more transparency, accessibility, and financial inclusivity to the world. Similarly, new protocols have emerged looking to introduce crypto DeFi solutions to legacy problems.

Olympus, therefore, is an excellent candidate for tackling the online philanthropy issue firsthand and providing a modern decentralized solution to a modern problem…. Meet Olympus Give.

How To Make Your $OHM Work For Others

The steps to set up rebase donations would go something like this: Navigate to the “Give” section on our landing page. There, you’ll be able to see a number of causes which we have partnered with such as Angel Protocol’s Restore Earth, ImpactMarket, Gitcoin, Popcorn and Kolektivo. These cohort 1 partners were chosen due to their crypto nativity and their commitment to properly manage donated funds; in the future, we aspire to move towards permission-less onboarding with partner selection being fully community-driven.

In addition to this, you can donate manually to any verified wallet of your choosing — family, friends, organizations in your community. Once selected, determine how much of your existing sOHM to redirect for donation; the recipient will receive all the rebases that sOHM generates indefinitely or until the principle is pulled out.

Olympus Give Infrastructure


Plus, Olympus does not take any fee from selected partners so you can rest assured that 100% of your donations go directly to the wallet of your choice. The singular and most important aspect of this program is to better the world through DeFi and change the way people view blockchain technology.


Olympus Give Community Partners — Cohort 1

Angel Protocol — Restore Earth

The first project to benefit from Olympus Give will be Restore Earth. The funds will go towards three earth restoration nonprofits, working on reforestation, cleaning ocean plastics, and climate change.


Through this work, Gitcoin has gained a lot of legitimacy (to date, it has distributed nearly $50m to web3 builders), but it can only survive if the matching pool continues to grow proportionate to the amount of funds the ever expanding list of projects in the Ethereum ecosystem need. By funding the matching pool, Olympus Give ensures that projects doing the greatest public good, according to the will of the broader Ethereum community, get the most support.




Along with directly funding community-selected beneficiaries, one of Popcorn’s key goals is to be a bridge between the social impact world and DeFi, helping them onramp into DeFi and educating them about the opportunities of DeFi and web3 to achieve social impact goals through community-led and equitable means. Popcorn will introduce them not only to DeFi but all the benefits of decentralization. In summary, Popcorn’s purpose is to aid the current revolutionary shift in global systems through accessible DeFi products that align financial wellbeing with positive global impact.

In Summary

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