Mint & Sync

  • Leverages the “sync()” function available on xyk AMMs to mint OHM emissions directly into liquidity pools with each rebase.
  • Incentivizes community members and third parties to provide OHM liquidity across a variety of pairs. This is due to the fact that they will no longer need to worry about missing OHM token emissions by providing liquidity; removing the opportunity cost entirely. New OHM issued with each rebase is deposited directly into LP positions.
  • Protocols: Major protocols such as Frax will be further incentivized to pair their assets against OHM because people will be attracted to the prospect of receiving OHM emissions while providing liquidity.
  • Ohmies: OHM will be available across more token pairs (making it more widely accessible), and community members can provide liquidity across a variety of tokens without worrying about missing OHM emissions.

About Olympus



$OHM is the decentralized reserve currency of DeFi.

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