Olympus H1 2022 Report

2 min readAug 4, 2022


Over the last year, Olympus DAO has implemented a number of initiatives to improve understanding of how the DAO is executing on community authorized and mandated initiatives.

Today, we are pleased to announce another transparency initiative: the Olympus DAO quarterly report series. The first report provides information about DAO activities during the first half of 2022. Moving forward the DAO will release these reports on a quarterly basis.

The report answers many questions the community has about:

  • What is OHM’s roadmap?: The report outlines current and planned activities — aligned with the Olympus12 Action Plan — focused on achieving our goal of making OHM a trusted decentralized reserve currency
  • How are the DAO Working Groups Performing?: Policy, Treasury and other DAO Working Groups have developed reports on their activities during Q1 and Q2 2022
  • What are near-term priorities?: Read the report to understand what is planned for Q3 2022

Like we said, henceforth these reports will be released on a quarterly basis, and published on the Transparency section of the Olympus DAO website.

Link: https://www.olympusdao.finance/transparency#quarterly-report

The Olympus DAO Council will attend the scheduled community call on Thursday 4PM EST to discuss the quarterly report and answer questions.

About Olympus

Olympus is building OHM, a community-owned, decentralized and censorship-resistant reserve currency that is asset-backed, deeply liquid and used widely across Web3.