Olympus Pro in 2022

4 min readJan 13, 2022

Olympus Pro was introduced to the world on September 17, 2021. The idea was simple: allow DAOs and projects to take control of their token emissions and liquidity mining programs through protocol-owned liquidity. Since our launch in late September, we have been full steam ahead and have onboarded 40 partners across four different blockchains and layer 2s including Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, and Arbitrum. In total, we’ve helped projects bond >$45,000,000 in liquidity and have produced >$2,000,000 in revenue for the OlympusDAO treasury — all in just 4 months’ time.

While Olympus Pro has been a success, it’s had its fair share of growing pains. In this blog post, we’ll share our goals for Olympus Pro in 2022, how we plan to improve user experience, and more. First, let’s talk about the things we can and will do better this year.

Areas to Improve

Content, Content, Content

One of our primary goals for this year will be ramping up the educational and informational content around Olympus Pro. We want to ensure that OHMies, external community members, and our partners have all of the information they need to become knowledgeable and successful users. We know that bonds can be confusing and that the benefits for partners aren’t always clear. This year we’ll do a better job of communicating all of those things, so be on the lookout for more blog posts, more documentation, and more data from our end.

Customer Retention

While customer retention for Olympus Pro is high — 37/40 projects have continued their use of Olympus Pro — it’s something we want and need to prioritize in 2022. Olympus Pro is a combined effort across Marketing, Partnerships/BD (Business Development), Partner Success, EPD (Engineering, Product, Design), and D&A (Data & Analytics). Each team needs to fire on all cylinders, harmoniously, to ensure Olympus Pro accomplishes its mission of replacing liquidity mining with a more positive experience for DAOs and projects.

It’s important we give our best effort to ensure that our partners are set up for success when they launch a bond program through Olympus Pro. Moving forward, we need to be more cognizant of partners struggling with their bond programs and take more proactive measures to support them. While the fault doesn’t entirely fall on the Olympus Pro team, we are more than happy to take responsibility and use those incidents as a learning experience.

As we start onboarding partners in 2022, we’ll be more clear about the requirements on our end and the steps partners should take to ensure a successful bond program.

What’s Next for Olympus Pro?

While the final roadmap for Olympus Pro is still in flux, here are some big-ticket items OHMies and partners can look forward to in 2022:

  • More partners. This may seem obvious, but we’re continuing to scale up the amount of partners using Olympus Pro. Our target for Q1 is 45–60 new partners, so if you’re a project looking to take ownership of your liquidity don’t hesitate to reach out!
  • Better onboarding and customer experience. As mentioned in the previous section, we’ve learned a lot from our efforts in Q4 of last year. The result of those learnings will be a better, clearer onboarding experience for new and old customers alike.
  • More chains and layer 2s. Olympus Pro is already live on Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, and Arbitrum, but we aren’t stopping there. As DeFi continues to expand across more blockchains and more layer 2s, we want Olympus Pro to be right in the middle of it all. Expect to see Olympus Pro everywhere this year.
  • More bond flexibility. With the introduction of V2 bonds, we now have a framework for bringing those same features to Olympus Pro. By introducing V2 bonds, we’ll be able to cater to the individual needs of our partners more effectively.
  • Permissionless Olympus Pro. Last, but certainly not least, permissionless Olympus Pro is on the horizon. This is our magnum opus. Permissionless Olympus Pro will allow any and all projects across multiple chains and layer 2s to replace liquidity mining once and for all. It will allow any project to take ownership of their liquidity while creating deeper ties with the Olympus ecosystem. Permissionless Olympus Pro is still in its infancy, but we should have more information soon™.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic year and can’t wait to continue our campaign to help more projects take control of their future.