Olympus Pro — Introducing Cohort 2 Launch Partners

3 min readOct 26, 2021

Since the initial launch of Olympus Pro last month, OP bonds have captured $7.5m of liquidity for our first seven partners — Abracadabra, Alchemix, Float Protocol, Frax, Pendle, ShapeShift, and StakeDAO.

Total Liquidity Bonded

At its core Olympus Pro is a service for protocols looking to supplement liquidity mining in their emissions programs with low overhead and maximum impact. We provide our partners with infrastructure, expertise, and exposure to a vibrant marketplace. Projects only need to bring their token and an objective.

Through bonds, protocols accumulate the crucial infrastructural liquidity that they generally service via liquidity mining. Instead of renting that liquidity (often at astronomical interest rates), they simply purchase it, turning a value-draining perpetual expense into revenue-producing assets that facilitate the functionality of the rest of the platform.

In our pursuit to help protocols own their liquidity, we are introducing the next five Olympus Pro partners — Synapse, Thorstarter, PoolTogether, Inverse, and BarnBridge.

Come join our AMA in the OlympusDAO discord on Oct 30th at 5 PM UTC to learn more about Olympus Pro.

Synapse(SYN-ETH) — Bonds go live on Oct 26th

Synapse is a cross-chain bridge & AMM protocol powering interoperability between blockchains. Bridge assets to & from any chain instantly!

Website | Twitter

Thorstarter(XRUNE-ETH) — Bonds go live on Oct 27th

Thorstarter is a cross-chain, fully decentralized launchpad and venture DAO that funds and launches new ideas in the blockchain and digital assets space. With Thorstarter, crypto projects can increase their reach, grow their communities and receive support from an expert launch team.

Website | Twitter

Inverse(INV-DOLA) — Bonds go live on Oct 28th

Inverse Finance is an on-chain DAO that governs DOLA, a capital-efficient yield-bearing decentralized stablecoin. The DAO also controls the DOLA Fed, injecting stablecoin liquidity into lending protocols such as Fuse, Scream and our own Anchor protocol.

Website | Twitter

Pooltogether(POOL-ETH) — Bonds go live on Oct 29th

PoolTogether is a crypto-powered savings protocol based on Premium Bonds.

Website | Twitter

Barnbridge(BOND-USDC) — Bonds go live on Oct 30th

BarnBridge is a risk management protocol platform. It allows users to calibrate their exposure to interest rate, asset price volatility, and portfolio concentration risks with its SMART Yield, SMART Alpha, and SMART Exposure products

Website | Twitter

About Olympus

Olympus is a decentralized financial reserve that provides sustainable compounding interest through its community-owned and protected treasury.