Olympus Pro — Introducing Cohort 4 Launch Partners

Olympus Pro — Introducing Cohort 4 Launch Partners


The launch of Cohort 4 will be our biggest launch in terms of token emissions to date, which gives our community and our partner communities several new bonding opportunities. With this launch, we’re excited to welcome our newest Olympus Pro partners: Keep3r Fixed Forex, THORswap, Ichi, Sandclock, Unslashed, and Gelato.

What Is Olympus Pro?

Olympus Pro is a service for protocols looking to supplement liquidity mining in their emissions programs with low overhead and maximum impact. Through the bonding service, these protocols accumulate the crucial infrastructural liquidity that they generally service via liquidity mining. Instead of renting that liquidity (often at astronomical interest rates), they simply purchase it, turning a value-draining perpetual expense into revenue-producing assets that facilitate the functionality of the rest of the platform.

Our team provides infrastructure, expertise, and exposure to a vibrant marketplace. Projects only need to bring their token and an objective. Since the launch of Olympus Pro, OP bonds have captured >$18m in liquidity for our partners.

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Keep3r Fixed Forex (WETH-KP3R, USDC-ibAUD, USDC-ibKRW, USDC-ibCHF, USDC-ibGBP, USDC-ibEUR, and USDC-ibJPY) — Bonds go live on Dec 7th

Keep3r Fixed Forex provides an alternative to USD denominated stable coins. It allows liquidity providers exposure to currencies such as EUR, KRW, GBP, CHF, AUD, and JPY. Bonders will be able to earn their governance token KP3R.

Website | Twitter

ICHI (ICHI-oneUNI) — Bonds go live on Dec 8th

ICHI is a Decentralized Monetary Authority that allows any community to mint a stablecoin with their favorite cryptocurrency. Tokens are always redeemable for $1, and create a community treasury to stimulate rewards. Bonders will earn their governance token ICHI.

Website | Twitter

THORswap (THOR-ETH, RUNE, RUNE-ETH) — Bonds go live on Dec 9th

THORswap allows users to swap layer 1 assets, earn yield, and bond nodes using THORchain. Bonders will be able to earn their governance token THOR.

Website | Twitter

Unslashed Finance (USF-ETH) — Bonds go live on Dec 10th

Unslashed is a decentralized insurance protocol covering all common risks for crypto assets. Unslashed enables almost instant liquidity to insurance buyers and risk underwriters, ensures constant collateralization, and guarantees transparency through an unbiased claims process. Bonders will be able to earn their governance token USF.

Website | Twitter

Sandclock (QUARTZ-USDC) — Bonds go live on Dec 10th

Sandclock is building tools that will leverage cross chain DeFi strategies with built-in insurance, payment rails, and novel governance and tokenomics models to enable seamless transfer of value across the web. Bonders will be able to earn their governance token QUARTZ.

Website | Twitter

Gelato Network (GEL-ETH [GUNI LP]) — Bonds go live on Dec 11th

Gelato enables everyone to leverage the power of a decentralized network of bots to fully automate the movement of their money between different protocols on Ethereum. Bonders will be able to earn their governance token GEL.

Website | Twitter

About Olympus

Olympus is a decentralized financial reserve that provides sustainable compounding interest through its community-owned and protected treasury.

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