Olympus Pro Recap: January 2022

3 min readFeb 4, 2022

Ohmies, welcome to the Olympus Pro recap where we’ll be covering all of the developments, highlights, and data around Olympus Pro on a monthly basis.

These blog posts will replace our cohort announcements from last year so that we can provide insights into what’s going on with Olympus Pro and our partners.


To start the year off we posted Olympus Pro in 2022, a blog post that covers what we learned in 2021 and how we used those lessons to create an ambitious roadmap for 2022. If you haven’t already, we recommend giving it a read.

In January we launched bonds across ten partners, seven of which were new Olympus Pro partners including:

  • Hundred Finance — a multi-chain lending protocol.
  • Instrumental Finance — a cross-chain, cross-layer yield optimizer.
  • Gelato — a smart contract automation network.
  • Beethoven-X — a Fantom-based AMM protocol.
  • ParagonsDAO — a project focused on blockchain-powered gaming ecosystems.
  • Sifchain — an omni-chain decentralized exchange.
  • 0xDAO — a DAO built around the Solidly snapshot on Fantom.

Our existing partners that renewed their bond program or launched new Olympus Pro bonds include: Shapeshift, BanklessDAO, and Alchemix.

The Numbers

In January, Olympus Pro bonds produced ~$850,000 in revenue across all of our partners on all chains — making January one of the highest grossing months since our launch. Additionally, the new bonds we launched in January are expected to add ~$300,000 in new revenue over the next thirty days based on current sales volume.

A big driver of revenue over the past month has been our biggest partner Keep3r, who has bonded over $20,000,000 in liquidity across seven bonds. Since we recently highlighted the success of their bond program in our latest Olympus Pro Spotlight, we won’t cover it in detail here.

Alchemix, another Olympus Pro power user, expanded their bond program to five bonds in January. Four of these bonds are not used to acquire liquidity, but are instead used to acquire strategic assets such as DAI, wETH, CVX, and TOKE. Due to their success with Olympus Pro, they’ve adjusted their total ALCX emissions to heavily favor Olympus Pro bonds:

To learn more about Alchemix, check out their Olympus Pro Spotlight.

A Unique Launch

Another highlight from January was the launch of Paragons’ “initial bond offering.” ParagonsDAO is an economic and social partner-DAO that is focused on blockchain-powered gaming ecosystems.

To distribute their token, they decided to launch an initial bond offering where they sold PDT tokens in return for Parallel NFT trading cards. The program was a massive success and the bonds sold out in just two hours, making them our first partner to bond NFTs and the first partner to launch their token through Olympus Pro.

Get in Touch

If you’re a project looking to use Olympus Pro to acquire liquidity, strategic assets, or for any other purpose-fit use case don’t hesitate to contact us and fill out an application.

About Olympus Pro

Olympus Pro is a service for protocols looking to utilize bonds in their emissions programs with low overhead and maximum impact. We provide our partners with infrastructure, expertise, and exposure. Projects only need to bring a token and an objective. To learn more, read our in depth guide: A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating Olympus Pro.