A personalized Ohmie Card just for the Ohmies, by the Ohmies, available on Monday 19th @ 10AM EST.

Let’s get right to it

The Ohmies have personalized roughly 390 Ohmie Cards and have space for 610 more to create an NFT painting of a total of 1000 Ohmie Cards. The Painting will be auctioned to one lucky individual on OpenSea and another will be sent to the OlympusDAO Treasury.

Join our Discord: discord.gg/olympusdao

  1. Go to the #ohmie-card-requests and provide the following:
  2. Name: please keep this simple, no custom characters.
  3. Image: provide a clear image that we can create a transparent background with (look at the…

June was a pretty great month. From the launch of the FRAX partnership, to FOHMO 2, to the continued development of the DAO, a lot is happening on Olympus. We’d like to take this opportunity to go over some protocol metrics for the month that we consider important.

Data Source

The data used in this article is taken from The Block’s DeFi revenue page, which you can find here, and sh4dow’s Dune Dashboard, which you can find here.


  • Treasury Risk-Free Value +$5.5m (↑117%)
  • Treasury Market Value +$18.2m (↑120%)
  • 5th highest revenue in DeFi in first 3 months
  • Lowest Market Cap/Revenue ratio in…

Why? Because rewards will slowly decrease for the old contract.

What do I need to do?
Go to https://app.olympusdao.finance/#/stake/migrate and follow the instructions

What should I look out for?
Make sure each transaction is completed before moving to the next one.

IMPORTANT NOTE PLEASE READ THIS OHMIE: Refresh your browser between each step.

With some pride, we are presenting you FOHMO 2!

Following the enormous success of our last FOHMO Fest, we will commence this 5 day series of Olympus DAO events with a community office hours, presenting topics as Roadmap, Community Feedback, Odyssea and more!

Day 2, we will have a DJ Set hosted by the resident #off-topic DJ’s to get you all warmed up for the Main Event the next day.

Day 3, we will welcome Sam from Frax Finance and Nour from Inverse Finance to talk about their vision on a partnership with OlympusDAO. …

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the OHM-FRAX pool, as part of a partnership between OlympusDAO and FRAX Finance. Read on to learn more about what we are doing and why we are so excited.

What are we doing

Olympus and Frax are partnering for a dual-incentivized liquidity pool on Uniswap. That pool will consist of OHM and FRAX, and will be incentivized by OHM and FXS. You can find the portal to stake OHM-FRAX LP here.

Starting on Friday, Olympus will begin accumulating this pool through OHM-FRAX bonds. We will offer OHM at a discount in exchange for ownership of…

On May 7, 2021, the team proposed OIP-7: Version 1.1 to upgrade Olympus contracts to enable new functionality and facilitate V2 features. 99.97% of the Ohmies were for rolling out V1.1 contracts! This is a big step we are excited to take. A lot more functionality is opened up with this upgrade.

What do I need to do?
- Nothing! Maybe grab some bonds when they open if you want to.

What should I expect?
- DAI and SLP reserves will be removed from the current treasury and deposited into the new one
- New bonds will be halted on the current…

Surprise mothafucka

Version 1.1

There are a few pain points in the original implementation of Olympus that we’d like to improve on with a new round of contracts. These will serve as a foundation for V2; these migrations need to happen anyways, and now they will be in place for new functionality. Check out what we’ve got.


There’s a few new things in the treasury. First and foremost, we have the ability to add new reserve and liquidity assets. That means we can start taking in new USD tokens, not just DAI, and new liquidity pairs, not just OHM-DAI. This whole…

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. -Lao Tzu

It’s hard to believe its been (only) a month since Olympus officially launched. From the gold standard to the post-launch pump (and subsequent dump), the rebirth of Fiskantes as Papa Fisk, countless ZADs and 2PM dumps, and even a period of stability, its been a wild ride. Though we’re only getting started, it’s good to look back and review our progress so far.


Olympus is an algorithmic currency protocol…

All the Ohmies are invited to the first-ever Fohmo virtual hangout to celebrate the one-month anniversary of OlympusDAO. The event will take place on our Discord on April 23, 2021, @ 6 PM EST / 10 PM UTC.

We will re-introduce OlympusDAO to the new Ohmies, highlight our awesome community, and review our growth over the past month. We will also speak about Bondai (DAI Bonds) at a high level and why we stepped away from the sales contract. In addition, we will introduce Hades, an attempt at on-chain privacy and talk about the future of OlympusDAO. Ohmies will also…

Bonds have gone quite well since they launched two weeks ago. So far, the treasury has amassed over 50% of the Sushiswap pool, bringing the market value of treasury assets over $6.5 million. However, only ~230k OHM have been minted in response. In this post, we will explore the capital efficiency tradeoffs of LP Bonds, and introduce DAI Bonds as a solution.

The “Problem”

There is a big difference between the value of an LP share on the market versus in the eyes of the treasury. Since the treasury is minting OHM against the LP, and it needs to make sure it…


A Decentralized Reserve Currency Protocol

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